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Putting words on a timeline

The interview is one of the best parts of being a television reporter. You get to connect with another human being in an intimate yet precise conversation and if you do the job right — you get a magical sound bite and a character that breathes life into a story.

Unfortunately, capturing that golden sound bite takes time, which leads to one of the worst parts of television reporting — logging video. Converting a few minutes of interview to time-coded written words likely burns more time than you want to spend on the job. It can easily take five minutes or more to log and transcribe one single minute of recorded conversation. God forbid you have 10, 15 or 20 minutes of interview to transcribe.

Logging tape is not simply an annoyance. For managers with budgets, it is also expensive when some of your more expensive employees spend a good part of their day with the task of transcribing those interviews.

We feel your pain. And like a good doctor, we have the medicine to make that pain and expense go away. This is literally one of the things I dreamed about as a reporter — a magical button that you push and someone else logs your tape.

You can now find that magical transcription button on latakoo. You will now see a new control panel beneath every single video on latakoo Pilot. This panel makes it easy to order a transcription on any video in the latakoo system.

Need a machine-generated transcription (70%+ quality) provided in about 10 minutes?

Push the button!

Desire a caption-quality transcription (99%+ quality) on a time-code delivered within two-to-three hours in the format of your choice? (eg., .srt, .scc, etc)

Push the button!

Would you like to create subtitles in one-of-a-dozen-or-so foreign languages?

Push the button!

So you want us to write the names of the people who are speaking into the transcription? That’s easy. Give us the names, and

Push the button!

latakoo has teamed up with one of the transcription industry’s leading providers of super-high quality, super reliable transcriptions. cielo24 provides fast and fantastic transcriptions that are available to you at the push-of-a-button.

And because cielo24 is wired directly into latakoo, the transcription service works seamlessly with latakoo’s automated HUB workflow. This means the time-coded transcription can follow the video as it automatically downloads from our cloud and is ingested into your on-premise asset manager. That means your news crews can live in Avid, Grass Valley or Dalet where latakoo will insert the video and the accompanying transcription.

Customers who use latakoo HUB can also export content from their asset manager to latakoo for the purpose of adding a layer of transcription to the content. We’ll send the content to cielo24, which will transcribe the video, and then latakoo will automatically bring that transcription back into your system and add it to the original video. You never have to leave your environment to trigger this process.

This makes it easier for stations to comply with new FCC rules that require closed captioning on Internet content. So it’s good for the station’s regulatory compliance, and also makes individual content producers more productive by freeing them from a time-consuming chore.

The new order form provides an on-demand service that you can pay for with a credit card. Stations or entire station groups can reduce costs through bulk purchases.

We hope you’ll be as excited as we are about the magic transcription button.

Paul Adrian
latakoo CEO




latakoo is the fastest, easiest way to transfer video files from anywhere to anywhere.

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Paul Adrian

Paul Adrian

latakoo CEO, former investigative journalist, believes that truthful information fuels democracy

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