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May 23, 2017 · 4 min read

Sharing on latakoo Pilot allows you to collaborate with your team

You can share directly from your Pilot newsfeed on First, go to and log in to your account. Locate the file you’d like to share.

Sharing options can be found in Pilot

Expand the dropdown menu marked Sharing options. In this menu, you can share to social media, share by email or make the file embeddable.

To share from latakoo directly to social media sites, clicking connect and log in to each service. Write a post in the text box above. Read more about sharing to social media sites.

Share by Email

To share by email, click on the arrow to reveal the form. Enter the email address (or addresses) and your message.

If you’d like to force users to sign in to latakoo in order to view the file, select the checkbox for “Require authentication.”

If you’d like to allow users to forward the message and the video, select “Allow resharing.”

Share with a link

Finally, you can share by copying a direct link to the video in latakoo. Click the checkbox next to “Make Embeddable” and two codes will be generated. The first is an iframe code that can be used to publish the video on another website. The second box contains a direct link to the video. This address will not require viewers to log in to latakoo.

Copy a link to share.

Sharing from the Video Dashboard

Another way to share files in latakoo is from the video dashboard. This is the view people will see when they click on a shared link.

To reach the video dashboard, click on the file name.

Click on the file name to open up the sharing option.

This is the video dashboard view, where the video is isolate. On the menu above the file, you will see an envelope icon. Click on that envelope to share.

The video dashboard has controls for sharing your video file.

Then, choose how to share your video.

Sharing options appear after you click the envelope icon.

Share by email

In the “Share by email” tab, you can fill out the form for an email to be send to an individual or group with a custom message.

If the person receiving the email does not have a latakoo account, select no under “Require authentication.”

If you do want the person to log in, you’ll need to add them as a user to your account and they will be asked to log into latakoo before viewing the video.

Next, decide whether you want the recipient to be able to re-share the file. Then click “Share.” The recipient of the email will be able to view and download the file.

When sharing by email, be sure to select whether users should log in.

Share with a link or embed code

You may also want to send a link in your own email or to embed the file on a website. In that case, click on the “Embedding and links” tab.

First, answer yes to the question about making the video public.

Selecting yes, means the video will be accessible to embed on websites or share via links.

Once you click update, the embed code and public link will be generated. Anyone who has the link provided will be able to access the video without a latakoo account.

Embed code and links are generated for each video you want to share.

Happy sharing! Still have questions? Contact

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