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Michelle Reinhardt
Aug 19 · 3 min read

Are you slowing down your latakoo upload?

Zoom, zoom.

Recently, we saw a tweet from a latakoo user, giving us some props for a fast upload. (Which we love.)

But what stopped us in our tracks, was learning she was using We Transfer at the same time she was uploading with latakoo.

Do you use latakoo and another upload method at the same time?

If so, you’re slowing things down.

Here’s what’s happening.

Remember, latakoo does not provide your Internet connection. That supplied by a MiFi device, cellular hotspot or a banded cellular device like LiveU or TVU. The speed of the connection depends on a lot of factors; how strong the signal is, what frequency it is, how many people are accessing it, among other things.

The latakoo desktop app automatically tests the speed of your connection. There are speed gauges for two transfer technologies: UDP and TCP. The lower the number, the slower the connection.

But whatever signal you have available, think of, as a road. A road to the cloud.

Some roads are smooth and wide, some are bumpy and cramped. latakoo wants to use all of that road to make the trip to the cloud as fast as possible. We don’t want anything in our way to delay uploading the file.

We want to be that super-fast sports car with an entire highway to itself.

However, when you start a file transfer with latakoo AND another service (like We Transfer, FTP or DropBox), that’s like adding cars to your road. It creates traffic and slows everyone down.

latakoo may have trouble getting around the traffic. It’s like rush-hour. We’re all trying to use the same road — and it may be small to begin with!

So do yourself a favor and use latakoo. Just latakoo.

If you’re having trouble uploading, reach out to our support team, or check out this blog on uploading from the field.

Thanks for using latakoo!

latakoo learning

latakoo is the fastest, easiest way to transfer video files from anywhere to anywhere.

Michelle Reinhardt

Written by

latakoo Marketing Director, writer, video producer and director. See my video portfolio at

latakoo learning

latakoo is the fastest, easiest way to transfer video files from anywhere to anywhere.

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