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Michelle Reinhardt
Oct 16, 2019 · 2 min read

The latakoo Flight app allows you to simultaneously upload to multiple networks with one send.

If you’re part of a large organization using latakoo, you may want to upload to more than one network in latakoo.com. Networks, or folders, are how content is organized in Pilot on latakoo.com.

Some networks are restricted to users within one station or organization, other networks may allow multiple stations to share content freely.

These shared networks allow stations to contribute and download files with ease. Read more about sharing content in latakoo.

When you send video, you can select more than one network during the send.

Upload to Multiple latakoo Networks

In the latakoo Flight application for desktop, simply click on the dropdown menu of networks and select one or more. When the upload completes, the file will appear in each of those networks in Pilot on latakoo.com. This example shows two, but you can select even more, if needed.

In this example, we’ve selected both Station A and Station C’s Network.

Default to Multiple Upload Networks

In the latakoo desktop app, you can also set multiple networks as defaults. Each time you send, those networks will automatically be selected. Click on Options, then select the networks you want in the drop down menu under Default Networks.

Station A and Station C Networks are selected as default upload networks.

Selecting Multiple Uploads in latakoo Flight Mobile

In both the Android and iOS latakoo Flight Mobile apps, you can select multiple upload networks as well. In the send screen, click on the network, then select as many networks as you want. Your initial choice will not be selected, so be sure to select that one, if needed.

Select “Network” and then select the desired upload network or networks.

Mobile App Upload Default Networks

In the mobile app, just one upload network can be selected. This selected default upload network will appear for every upload, unless it’s changed, like in the example above.

Default settings for the mobile app can be accessed under settings.

Still have questions? Reach out to our support team for help.

latakoo learning

latakoo is the fastest, easiest way to transfer video files from anywhere to anywhere.

Michelle Reinhardt

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latakoo Marketing Director, writer, video producer and director. See my video portfolio at mmreinhardt.com.

latakoo learning

latakoo is the fastest, easiest way to transfer video files from anywhere to anywhere.

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