Who Isn’t Remote?

Jade Kurian
Apr 7, 2019 · 3 min read

The “Create Anywhere” Economy is Expanding and We’re Ready

Where do you work? In this global, virtualized, collaborating economy, many people would say, “anywhere and everywhere,” especially if they are a content creator. The work is happening on the fly, not in an office or a booth.

At Avid Connect in Las Vegas, remote editing is not just a conversation piece, but a bread and butter issue. Editors don’t want to drive into an office to pull content from hardware devices. They want to retrieve the content they need, regardless of where they might be in the world. At Avid Connect, one editor told me, “If we could all (her team) securely access our files from home, that would be huge.”

Panelists John McVay of Teradici, Barbara Marshall of HP, Paul Adrian of latakoo and Avid’s Richard Duke and Jonathan Gryckiewicz discuss remote and virtual editing.
Paul Adrian gives Avid Connect attendees a look at remote workflows used today through latakoo.

Avid’s Senior Principal Product Manager Jonathan Gryckiewicz assembled a panel to focus on editing solutions for visualized and remote environments. My co-founder, latakoo CEO Paul Adrian was among the panelists that included John McVay of Teradici and Barbara Marshall of HP. Teradici’s PCoIP connects multiple virtualized and on-premise Avid Media Composer. HP’s RGS is deployed on all HP Z work stations and give users the ability to move graphics back and forth. Avid has a Cloud VM option for Media Composer and today unveiled further integration with Microsoft Azure, allowing users to test Media Composer running on Azure.

latakoo has long supported remote editing, making the process faster and more efficient, offering multiple workflows to aid broadcasters and content creators. Our users have sent files in from the top of El Capitan to a cruise ship stranded at sea.

Some of the world’s largest broadcasters are using latakoo to transfer files quickly from the field and to also send files back out to the field, enabling editors to produce complete news stories with efficiency. For news companies working on deadline, this is an essential and long unmet need. When reporters and photographers require file photos and video, the process used to be to rely on in-house editors to make the fix before going to air. With latakoo, these same crews can log into latakoo.com., go to latakoo Pilot, find the video they need, download it and fix the “black hole” on their own. Editors can also send files sitting inside asset managers, like Avid Interplay.

Edit Anywhere: From the field to the latakoo cloud and right into Avid.
In Avid Media Composer, click “Send to latakoo” for simple transfer of files to latakoo cloud and beyond.

Meanwhile, crews using Avid Media Composer can use the “Send To” method and choose to send to their edited media files to latakoo. From there, the files are available in latakoo Pilot, where other collaborators can view, comment, approve, share and download the file. If the client is using latakoo Hub, the file is also available in an asset manager, like Avid Media Central Cloud UX with metadata and transcription updating (if enabled).

And there’s more! latakoo is just releasing a new solution for remote production crews — ingest into Media Composer from anywhere in the world, with support for bin columns. Upload your camera card via flight and put a few details into the metadata form and as long as you have a latakoo Hub interacting with your Media Composer, we’ll atomize the file and you can move the files into your bin. And on the horizon, support of dynamic growing files.

At latakoo, we create efficiency. That means moving beyond the walls of space and hardware and embracing the virtual and the remote to enable users to create anywhere.

latakoo learning

latakoo is the fastest, easiest way to transfer video files from anywhere to anywhere.

Jade Kurian

Written by

latakoo learning

latakoo is the fastest, easiest way to transfer video files from anywhere to anywhere.

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