The blockchain market is growing in a very fast pace. From the year of 2019, until 2022 the blockchain market will expand from 9.7 billion dollars to 10.79 trillion dollars worldwide. Among all regions, the biggest growth forecast will happen in LATAM region with an expected 152.5 growth rate until 2021. LATAM region have a population of approximately 640 million habitants, it’s market size have approximately 44 billion dollars of market size and approximately 400 million Internet users, with more than 60% of Internet penetration.

We are in the easy payment era with rapid expansion of smartphone penetration, surge in E-commerce utilization and a high demand of new, convenient and reliable payments method. Cash use is becoming non-convenient, also the usage of credit and debit cards are expected to be reduced in the next few years. Issues like frequent errors in banking system, slow transaction processing, high banking fees for transactions and transfers, lagged financial system and even inflation are the main reason that people are looking for a more convenient way of make payments. Because of those issues, eWallet (PayPal, AliPay, etc.) services are expected to rapidly grow in the next few years.

The goal of LATAM Cash is to provide an integrated crypto financial platform, a crypto bank for deposits, withdraws and loans for its users. LATAM Cash will provide simple payment platform through mobile, International remittance or exchange, offline payments and crypto invest funds. The platform will also provide blockchain base digital contents as games, Webtoon etc.

The main features of LATAM Cash will be its inexpensive cost with no exchange commission and a low payment fee between 5% and 1.5%. Also, the convenience of making payments using QR code without any connection to Payment Gateways, and real-time payment and monitoring. For last, it’s security and reliability with its blockchain technology.

The integrated crypto finance platform of LATAM Cash provides various crypto coins in one wallet specialized for multi coin. It’s safe as the platform secure your assets by End-To-End security technology provided by security experts, and the user does not have to worry about lost mnemonics with cloud backup. It’s easy to use as the platform uses a simple design that makes the management of multiple wallet addresses easy. The user can add and manage digital assets with a single click. Also it’s quick to make fast exchange of different coins between chains. The users are also able to exchange the desired coin easily.

LATAM Cash market expansion strategy is to use E-commerce, offline franchises, YouTube creators and local PC Cafes. The current LATAM region game market size is of 4.2 billion dollars. The platform also aims to build a K-Coin synchronized system between Kaybo.com game platform virtual currency (K-Coin) and LATAM cash. In the virtual wallet of LATAM cash, users can store not only crypto currencies as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also the virtual currency from Kaybo.com game platform.

The token economy of LATAM Cash will reward active consumption activities through the Proof of Consumption. Also, it will reward for receiving advertisement and participating promotional events. For last, a reward for providing transaction information will be given.

The token operation plan of LATAM Cash will be divided in 4 main plans: Airdrop, Staking, Coin incineration and Deposit. The airdrop will be available for daily event & other type of events participants and for payment users. The Staking will stabilize the token value and staking service for users. Coin incineration will make token burn after purchasing a certain portion of revenue every year. The franchisee will make token deposit by sales volume and advertisers will deposit token to pay customers.

The main key partners of LATAM Cash are FHL Games Company based in Seoul, South Korea and LATAM4NINE. LATAM4NINE operation headquarters is in Lima, Peru. Other operating vehicles are located in Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, United States and Canada.

The second key partner, FHL Games have more than 20 million users, more than 1,000 local influencers and have connection with more than 20,000 local PC cafes in LATAM region.

Other strategic partners of LATAM cash in key areas like Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, Payment Gateways, Contents and Legal can be seen below:

For last, the token summary with information about the max supply, token distribution budget, token general summary and the total budget operation plan can be seen below:



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