The next generation of IoT companies, developed in the UK with R/GA and Latch

In 2014, when Latch was just four people and a few prototypes, we had the opportunity to meet the executive team at R/GA. We weren’t expecting to take on any additional investment, move the company to New York, or begin a multi-year collaboration, but that’s just what happened. After that first meeting R/GA offered to invest in the company and we moved our operations to New York City to join the 2015 IoT program.

Since then our team has brought together experience building some of the world’s best electronic and technology products, and we’ve built our entire suite of products with the team at R/GA consistently providing support and guidance. In 2016, we were offered the opportunity to move to their new global headquarters in New York City and our entire team has grown, developed, and tested our products inside the world’s most connected space.

When we heard about the first IoT Venture Studio we really wanted to get involved to help spur the next set of innovation within smart cities and IoT. Ali Hussain, our COO, and myself were both proud to have spent some very critical time in our life in the UK as Marshall Scholars and guests of the Government of the United Kingdom. Ali and I first met when he was studying at Oxford University and I was studying at Imperial College London and we were both deeply impacted by the time we spent living in one of the world’s most important urban centers. Our vision for Latch and the future of life in the modern city was heavily influenced by the time we spent in the UK.

Luke, CEO and co-founder, and Ali, COO, both studied as Marshall Scholars in the UK.

For all those reasons, we’re excited to announce that we’re joining as a sponsor of R/GA’s 2018 IoT Venture Studio in the UK. As part of the program Latch will join as a program sponsor and provide access to our design, product, and engineering teams to help startups working on the frontiers of IoT. The R/GA IoT Venture Studio UK positions the company squarely in one of the world’s leading cities for design, technology, and talent. This market is at the forefront of using technology in the Internet of Things environment to transform the places people live and work into the smart cities of the future. We’re so excited to be a part of those developments.

Applications for the program are being accepted now through December 7th. Applications to the R/GA IoT Venture Studio UK can be filled here: Apply Now