My Need to Apologize for My ADHD

It’s like a 12-step program tour, but there’s only one step.

When I first got my diagnosis, I had about 18 different emotions that I felt in the span of about 6 minutes. I was overwhelmed. I didn’t know which ones to feel first, and it didn’t matter. I couldn’t stop them from coming, and I couldn’t control which ones I felt when.



At 48, my world was turned completely upside down when I received a life-changing ADHD diagnosis. Late to My Own Party offers personal reflections on life with ADHD, critical analysis of research issues, helpful resources, support, insights, and general frivolity.

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Vanessa Torre

Top 10 feminist writer. Writing, coaching, and relentlessly hyping women in midilfe. You need to get on my mailing list. For real.