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Arianna Stewart
Sep 2, 2019 · 4 min read

Latent App is launching its latest service ‘Sift’. It is a BI tool that transcribes and stores data for the knowledge worker.

With its name playing on the word ‘sieve’, which means to eradicate all unnecessary information and to provide a summary of the main points, this platform is targeted to the business/office employee or student.

The suite of services it offers is audio to text transcription, image to text transcription and summarizing long-form text. All our services use AI enrichment to extend the analysis of your data for you — sentiment, topic detection, entity modeling.

Sift operates on a very simple, easy to use customer-platform interaction. There is no app that you will need to download or website you have to visit. Simply email us your data needs and receive another email with your processed data in response. The user experience will be mainly email request to email response.

How does Sift work?

Email us your raw form data, ie. audio, images, text etc. Blank body messages with only the title specified is fine. Our AI text algorithms will process your data. Receive a response with the transcribed, AI enriched information promptly. Your information and privacy is secure with all of your raw data deleted from our database immediately.

Sift has four main features:

1) Convert audio to text.

Record an audio clip of a lecture, group meeting or even video conference. Email it to us, we will run our AI logarithms to transcribe your audio. Receive a prompt email response containing the transcribed text. The raw and processed files will be deleted from our servers for your privacy.

2) Convert picture to text.

Snap a picture of a physical document, your notes, projected presentation slides or a name card. Email it to us. We will do optical character recognition on the picture. Receive a prompt email with the transcribed text from the image. Don’t keep physical hard copies and clutter your workspace.

3) Sentiment analyzer.

Copy-paste your user-data/user-review data on a Google Sheet (which we will provide the column headers for). Our algorithm will label the comments with its sentiment value (ie. opinion, feeling, attitude). You can then easily sort and filter through the labelled data for your further review.

4) Summarizer.

Copy-paste a large chunk of text, academic papers, reading contracts etc. into the body of an email and send it to us. We will return the summarized email with a summarized version, with topics and word cloud. Interpret long-form text on the go. We use industry-leading IBM/Google AI algorithms for the highest accuracy possible.

Why use Sift?

Sift saves you time, money and resources. Save time on reading. Save time on needing to search for more insights of your text. Save the cost of needing to pay for a human transcriber.

For office-use:

Save time transcribing meeting minutes. Scan all your paper documents into the cloud and lead a paperless world.

Regarding media monitoring and social listening, the new sentiment analyzer is a way to get around the paywall issues for your company to access sites such as Facebook. Businesses might get an analyst to copy-paste the i.e. facebook comments into our Google sheet (or they can outsource this job to us) and for us to label them with the algorithms. By providing your data from your social media or media sources behind a paywall, we can provide sentiment values on raw insights for you.

For school-use:

Students will be able to easily transcribe smartphone recorded audio from lectures, lecture-recordings, and meetings into text. Making your notes easily searchable. Save time and resources from tedious copywriting your notes from a hardcopy to a digital format.

Latent App is currently developing Sift and will be launching it soon. Watch this space for updates. Learn more about the capabilities of Sift here at

This blog post was originally posted on 2nd September 2019 on Latent Originals, a blog by LatentApp. Access the original article here

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