11 Most Common Mistakes in SEO

In terms of SEO, we find many shortcomings in the websites. Among them a large number of errors are yet easily creditworthy.

If the SEO is a practice that requires extensive knowledge and constant updating of knowledge, some points are still within reach of many bloggers or webmaster.

For example :

45% of sites fail the alt image attributes within their site.

We know that SEO is also important for the images, and contributes to improving the positioning of a site by bringing coherence to the whole of content.

10% had images whose links are broken in their content. This may be due to a problem often encountered by changes, signs or symbols not recognized in the wording.

It is also possible that this is when the update a WordPress website, having changed the theme eg regeneration of thumbnails …

30% duplicating the meta descriptions on their websites , and 25% simply forget!

35% have broken internal links and 25% of external links . Which is detrimental to retrieve information.

Check with dedicated tools, your dead links and give them default update to remove them if they are no longer existing, which sometimes happens.

SEO: 11 common mistakes in an Infographic


Infographic Source: SEMrush

Originally published at Mab Tech Blog.