What Is Marketing Automation and Why Does It Matter To You

Marketing automation is also part of this process. Offering its users a high level of qualification of the data collected as well as optimization tasks, it allows teams to increase productivity and efficiency.

Definition of marketing automation

To simply define, marketing automation is the means by which automates some marketing actions in order to communicate at the right time and the right customer with the right message. The steering is done through dedicated tools, which qualifies for Marketing Automation tools.

It generally automates recurring actions and time-consuming to increase efficiency and productivity.

What is marketing automation?

Beyond automation, it is a broadly defined target in order to qualify for a specific need.

It also serves to nurture and sustain a community (contact database) by issuing content; whether through social media or various channels such as mail, SMS etc …

To the extent that the tools provide reasonably accurate statistics, it will measure the performance of actions. Performance indicators and ROI are indispensable elements through its marketing efforts.

Examples of automated tasks:

The trigger sending email, an automated phone call, sharing content at set intervals etc … are an example of automated tasks. Is used as such tools or solutions called marketing automation, published by marketing professionals.

The advantage also lies in the statistics issued by these tools when launching campaigns.

The solutions used allow creating so-called scenarios, with different possible paths according to the returns achieved by the target. The diagrams resemble the mind mapping where there are Boolean type operations.

For example: If a contact downloads a white paper and has not given back in x days, an email reminder is triggered automatically to reconnect.

The challenges of marketing automation

The challenges of marketing automation generally different from B2B to B2C, but can still join as objectives.

B2B as B2C, issues revolve primarily around performance and qualification of its contact base, with a search for increased traffic in its communication media (website, blog …). It should be known around the phenomena of information overload (ADDITION shared information) and be able to reach its target and convert.

These dice at optimizing its scenarios to achieve an optimum level of qualification, a certain level of traffic, or a gain of subscribers to its newsletter or social networks.

Is generally used personas, a fictional character representative of a group of individuals with extremely similar needs?

The persona is the target to achieve through its actions.

To the extent that it comes to leads in B2B, that is to say of contacts which are assigned a skill level, we then speak of issues on this level of qualification.

From there will flow performance factors to achieve conversion rates (from lead to the customer) the highest possible.

The editor of a marketing automation solution will then allow a set of scenarios to achieve the objectives of its clients. We can insert the grip of the solution, its range of features, etc … which will enable the company to position itself in a market.

For the end customer, we will discuss the use of the solution to draw high levels of qualification and conversion targets.

B2B can be noted sometimes more related to visibility through the use of actions. According to the used tool is essentially a search traffic increases, a significant gain qualified subscribers etc …

Advantages and disadvantages of marketing automation

The benefits are undeniable for marketers as for profiles related to digital, being obliged to use marketing automation solutions. It allows a much better efficiency and a considerable time saving on the implementation of its actions and the data to be processed.

The solutions cover a wide range of actions and / or scenarios and know how to deliver information to measure the performance of the shares. There are also specific tools such as those intended to deliver specific content on channels previously informed broadcasts.

The automation allows more targeted its marketing, as well as a net gain in productivity, in order to focus on other tasks.

The disadvantages of using views are in my opinion the “too automated” that would cut any human relationship between the interlocutors. The danger of being a victim of the reverse phenomenon and lose contacts if one deviates totally human. It is therefore to find the right balance to take advantage of marketing automation

It may be noted in conclusion that points that marketing automation does not do everything by himself. These are solutions to couple with a presence on social networks, with retargeting solutions in certain types of business etc …

It is possible that solutions aim the all-in-one but should be cut using in each case.

The B2B marketing automation

As we have more or less discussed above, the B2B world is an environment rife with terms performance and lead generation (LeadGen). They are ubiquitous, and marketing automation is so widely found his place.

The marketing automation is therefore approached as a lever acquisition and lead conversion. In B2B, it will better describe its targets and to seek an optimized conversion rate.

In the B2B schemes, we have on one side the editors of marketing automation solutions and other companies that exploit them. We also have companies that operate these solutions and who for customer companies requiring qualified leads.

It is on this last point that performance is put in B2B. Between the publisher and the user, it is here to meet specific needs through the solution.

The B2C marketing automation

To give a different orientation on the marketing automation B2C vis-à-vis the B2B, we will talk about other levers outside lead generation.

  • Personalized emails

With a qualified database, we can go to location-based contacts and start sending targeted promotional offers in their area of residence.

The data used to trigger shipments anniversaries, customers who purchase on specific dates, customers waiting for a product restocked etc …

  • The basket of raises abandoned

There are fully dedicated to these specific reminders by e-commerce solutions. They are based on scenarios of automated reminders, SMS reminders, email or support during a purchase.

  • The acquisition of subscribers / traffic and visibility

The subscriber acquisition can be done through social networks as a newsletter. So there is a multitude of automated scripts through its communication channels.

To acquire subscribers in social networks will be established for content sharing scenarios, from RSS or various media. We can define filters, frequency sharing etc…. Given that social networks are themselves levers, they will direct the subscriber to the site where the content is hosted. Traffic and visibility this will improve.

For newsletters, one can aim triggers automated mailing, use filters according to the data collected. Deliver content to a certain list. If the tool incorporates an auto-responder becomes powerful for dematerialized purchases or downloads of resources, made from a website.

How to choose your marketing automation solution?

The first thing to define its course or objective (s), and know what is expected of a marketing automation solution.

There are also points to consider in terms of functionality, cost and resources mobilized internally.

  • What are the savings achieved using a solution?
  • What are human resources to be mobilized around the solution?
  • Should there be training around the tool? etc. …

The idea is to write down all their needs and issues that require a response. Then it will compare and analyze the existing offer.

The marketing automation offering from Sendinblue

SendinBlue offers an interesting offer of Marketing Automation. A pre-made scenarios library to quickly develop registration monitoring scenarios, birthday emails etc. that are suitable for both B2B and B2C businesses.

The advantage of SendinBlue is that the platform is integrated and also includes all marketing campaigns and SMS tools, database segmentation and creation of mailings.

I recommend this tool if you are looking for a quick and effective solution to implement.

In conclusion

If the marketing automation revolutionizes the way of working off some structures, it will remain a sometimes complex tool both scenarios and possibilities are numerous.

This is why it is necessary to define its goals and why a marketing automation solution to be adopted internally.

It may be emphasized better relevancy, saves time and productivity, and a set of statistics to measure the performance of its shares.

Automation is good if it gives way to the human in the human relationship. We must find the limit and whether the position in the middle of the road.

The solutions are many and some very specific and adapted to the universe. B2B, B2C, E-commerce, E-Mailing, content sharing … can be highlighted in different tools.

Make the right choices and do a lot of testing to refine your scenarios and achieve a level of optimum performance.

Originally published at Mab Tech Blog.

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