La Verdadera Cara de los Ángeles

Photograph — Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

This woman had a face. I was completely amazed when I focused my camera on this image of her on my psychiatric couch. My grandmother would have said of her face, “Un cromo.”

I am not a poet and not more than a mediocre writer. I cannot write anything here that would celebrate such a face.

And so I am placing here a poem by Julio Cortázar called The True Face of Angels. You would think that such a title would be followed by beautiful words. That is not the case. Luckily there is no translation into English of this poem about hunger and napalm. This link has Cortázar narrating the poem. I sometimes wonder if poets and writers in English have contributed to YouTube as much as the fans of this mostly un-translated Argentine author.

La verdadera cara de los ángeles

es que hay napalm y hay niebla y hay tortura.

La cara verdadera es el zapato entre la mierda, el lunes de mañana, el diario.

La verdadera cara

cuelga de perchas y liquidación de saldos.

De los ángeles la cara verdadera

es un álbum que cuesta 30 francos

y está lleno de caras:

las verdaderas caras de los ángeles.

La cara de un negrito hambriento,

la cara de un cholito mendigando,

un vietnamita, un argentino, un español,

la cara verde del hambre verdadera de los ángeles.

Por 30 francos la emoción en casa.

La cara verdadera de los ángeles,

la cara verdadera de los hombres,

la verdadera cara de los ángeles.

Link to: La Verdadera Cara de los Ángeles

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