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#1 Weapon Against Anxiety: The Breath

Anxiety paralyzes the authentic version of yourself

The disease of the future terrorizes the present

It makes you feel inadequate and unsteady

Reject it. Fight it.

Inhale for 5 luxurious seconds

And breathe out slowly for 5 or more

Repeat until your vision crystalizes

Free yourself from your mind

Plant your feet firmly onto the ground

Put both of your hands on your hips

Feel the pull of gravity

Sink into your power




Latin Locura motivates women to ignite the flames of their craziest dreams. Our writers help readers navigate relationships, develop their careers goals, and build their confidence as tall as the Empire State Building.

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Zara Macias

Zara holds a BA in Political Science/International Affairs. She’s passionate about destigmatizing mental health and empowering women, Latinos, & POC to lead.