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An Exploration of the Word ‘Love’

To love the idea of love is to live in tragedy

I wrote in my journal this morning,

Love… one of my favorite four-letter words. Aside from ‘book’, ‘wine’, and ‘wise’.

First and foremost, to love the idea of love is to live in a tragedy.

Loving authentically requires us to be whole.

When we are not whole, we feel very intense attraction and cling to romantic fantasies. We ‘fall’ in love rather than grow to love.

How do we become whole? Well, that’s an excellent, complex question.

Wholeness proceeds healing, and healing requires us to treat our feelings like they are our best friend’s feelings.

We don’t tell our best friends they are pathetic broken failures, so why are we so quick to judge ourselves that way?

Healing does not occur in a microwaveable popcorn bag. You don’t plant a seed in the ground and rush its growth, right? You must nourish the seed and feed it sunlight.

Actionable tip —

When was the last time you went outside and let the sun kiss your face? Weather permitting, grab a lightweight outdoor chair. Sit down and slowly close your eyes. Allow your skin cells to activate your vitamin D receptors and just be for 10, 15 minutes.

That damn blue light on your phone isn’t going to magically create vitamin D for your body! To love is to put that instant gratification device in your drawer occasionally.

To love is to look in the mirror and smile at what you see.

Trying to control the uncontrollable = the antithesis to love.

We CANNOT control what others say, do, think, or feel.

We CANNOT control past experiences and situations out of our jurisdiction.

Ultimately our choices, words, actions, and consistent habits will determine our ability to authentically love.

Are you ready for love?




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Zara Macias

Zara Macias

Zara holds a BA in Political Science/International Affairs. She’s passionate about destigmatizing mental health and empowering women, Latinos, & POC to lead.

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