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Physical Intimacy vs Emotional Intimacy

The defining line

Physical Intimacy

Magnetically instant


Potentially surface level

Chaotic at times

Nurturing at others

Difficult dance

Enticing, deciding, sacrificing

Tactical, tangible

Easy to copy

A quick-fix, a bandaid

From point A to point B

Emotional Intimacy

Stillness and peace of mind


Understanding and gentle

Does not idealize


Accepts and cherishes

The wounds, the breaking

Buttercream laters

Picks up the pieces of doubt and

Grounds you

Let’s you feel the simultaneous rain and sunshine




Latin Locura motivates women to ignite the flames of their craziest dreams. Our writers help readers navigate relationships, develop their careers goals, and build their confidence as tall as the Empire State Building.

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Zara Macias

Zara Macias

Zara holds a BA in Political Science/International Affairs. She’s passionate about destigmatizing mental health and empowering women, Latinos, & POC to lead.

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