Three simple tips for working with Latina influencers from the people who know them best

image courtesy of Robson Muzel and#WeAllGrow Summit

Consumer marketers want to reach Hispanic women, and with good reason: Latinas are on track to make up 30% of the total female population in the U.S. by 2060! The fact is that multicultural is the new mainstream and the explosive growth of the Latino population is driving that change.

But how do you reach this growing and influential group? The old strategies just won’t work, especially since the Hispanic consumer herself is changing almost as quickly as U.S. demographics. More and more Latinos are what Ethnifacts labels as “ambicultural”: These Latinos take pride in their ability to shift between Hispanic and American cultures expertly; they are increasingly aware of their power, are proud of their diversity, and openly share their culture with their non-Latino peers.

If multiculturalism is aspirational for younger generations, simply translating copy into Spanish and placing ads in traditional Hispanic silos isn’t going to cut it for marketers that want to lead during this cultural shift. There is immense opportunity for brands that are willing to navigate the ambicultural waters with Hispanic consumers; we believe that all marketers will eventually need to figure out ways to join this cultural movement — but the smart ones are taking the first steps now.

Are you ready to join them? Here are three tips to help as you plan your strategy:

Show, don’t tell

The Hispanic consumer is currently defining her place in the culture; change is happening quickly and Hispanics are turning to each other via social media to validate their experiences. Invite her to include you in her story but don’t tell her what to say.

In our experience working with thousands of Latina influencers at Latina Bloggers Connect, influencers want guidance from brands on what they stand for — this is the invitation — but they do not want to be told how the brand’s products fit into their lives. That is for them to figure out and when they do, they will share that with the world.

Show, don’t tell, is tried and true storytelling advice — Latina influencers can help you create a compelling story if you let them.

Think aspirational

Humans seek beauty — one of the reasons Instagram works is that it shows us how the users see their ideal selves. No matter the topic of the pictures shared, it’s an aspirational medium filled with images intended to inspire awe. The Latino consumer wants to see themselves (and by extension, their culture) reflected in a tasteful light. Your multicultural programs should be aspirational — partner with influencers and networks that create beautiful, culturally relevant campaigns featuring people that look and live their lives like they do.

When your audience tells you who they are, they are telling you what they want. Listen.

Work with partners you can trust

The best way to work with influencers is to trust their knowledge of their audience (after all, they are the ones who grew their audience organically), and it’s no different with Hispanic influencers. It’s tempting to rely on your investment in demographic research to micromanage your campaigns, but that is a mistake.

It’s critically important to partner with influencers and networks that you can trust — never forget that influencers are compelling because they are real people behind the screens. At Latina Bloggers Connect we continue to believe in the power of relationships; that is why for the past six years we’ve focused our resources on nurturing and developing our community of influencers both online and offline. We are not a platform or rely on algorithms; instead, we get to know the influencers and their stories which allows us to find the perfect match for our clients, every time.

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