“Call the Midwife” Reminds Us What It’s Like When Abortion is Illegal

Cristina Escobar
May 16 · 5 min read

“When the medical establishment fails her, she gets an abortion. In 1964 London. Where the procedure is still illegal and will remain so for three more years. Soon Jeannie turns gray and sickly, then a day or so later shaking, then cold under all the covers, and finally dead in the ambulance.”

Ill-fated Jeannie Tennant with her husband and youngest son

“Abortion is something doctors knew how to do safely in 1964 but chose not to. Because it was illegal. Because they could lose their jobs. Perhaps, because they objected. But whatever the reason, women suffered enormously, some even losing their lives.”

We know what happens when abortion is illegal. Women don’t suddenly decide to keep every unwanted pregnancy. They still terminate — they just do so risking their health and their lives.

The clothes are cute but that doesn’t mean I want our lives or laws to resemble “Call the Midwife”

Cristina Escobar

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