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One Day at A Time is Perfect: Canceling It Was A Mistake

As a child of the late nineties and early 2000’s, I loved the Disney Channel. My parents raised me in a no-cable household until I was almost in high school. That means it was PBS, the news, or if we were lucky latest season of American Idol. However there was one place I could go to connect with the pop culture I was deprived of, my abuelita’s. Not only was there never a shortage of…




LatinaMedia.Co uplifts Latina and femme Latinx perspectives in media through publishing original pieces of criticism and amplifying the on-going work of Latina and gender non-conforming Latinx critics.

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Nicola Schulze

Nicola Schulze

Determined Latinx with a passion for social justice. Proud library card holder since 1997

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