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💌 Podcast Especial Bonus Episodes

Welcome to Latinx in Power, a podcast which aims to help to demystify tech, the way we do that is by interviewing Latinx leaders all over the world to hear their perspective and insights. We had two especial episodes and we wanted to share more details about them with you ❤

Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World

Based on an episode with Darius Gant 🇨🇴

Darius Gant, a founder at Tesoro AI and a podcast host at the Darius Gant Show. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and a MBA in Finance. Darius inspires people through his journey from a pro athlete to Columbia MBA to private equity investor to tech leader and founder.

In this episode, we talked more about Darius’ journey leaving a top venture capital firm to focus on entrepreneurship in artificial intelligence, and also why and how AI is changing the world.

Leading Diversity & Inclusion

Based on an episode with Pamela Burga 🇵🇪🇲🇽

Pamela Burga, a Senior D&I, Diversity & Inclusion, Partner at Tesla and leads D&I talent development strategy. Fun fact: Pamela is also a classical trained lyrical soprano.

In this bonus episode, we talked more about transitioning careers and industries since Pamela has driven individual and organizational performance in a variety of industries. We also talked more about her work as Diversity & Inclusion leader.



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♡ Obrigada, Gracias, Thank You!

Thaisa Fernandes




Insights and exposure to Latinxs leaders around the globe. In each episode we feature insightful conversations about their journey, stories behind their trajectory, plenty of laughs and learnings.

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Thaisa Fernandes

Problem solver and perfectionist in recovery willing to stretch myself and risk making mistakes to achieve innovative solutions and validate my learnings

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