MazM: Jekyll and Hyde Review

Katy Maurer
Jul 3, 2018 · 5 min read

Five times a week, I spend a good hour daily on the subway on my work commute, and Seoul’s line number 9 is — as people living and commuting in Seoul will know — not exactly the most comfortable line to be on at those peak hours.

Sitting down is impossible 9 out of 10 times on my way to work. Standing, pressed against and between other people is the only option. So how to make the best out of a horrible, unavoidable situation?

  1. Put in the Bluetooth headphones (cables are incredibly dangerous), music up so you drown out all other noise, phone safely stashed in your pocket and 30 subsequent minutes of staring at heads, hair, faces, backs and — if you’re lucky — someone else’s phone.
  2. Be one of those people that gets their phone stared at. Put your arms at a comfortable 45 degree angle, slightly leaning against your frontman’s back, headphones in and while watching Netflix, reading a book or playing a game while firmly grasping your phone so it doesn’t fall when you’re being pushed around.

After doing this for a while now, I came to the conclusion that option two is my way to go, because at 8am, I do not want to look at other people’s tired faces or their phones. Also, it’s a lot of time I can use to do something I enjoy. I used to be an avid gamer back home, but had to leave my Playstation behind and with it my hobby. But thanks to technology advancing as fast as it has and developers creating fascinating games for mobile now, we don’t have to look at pixels chasing other pixels and pretend they’re a snake eating apples. The beauty of mobile games! And a lot of them come from right here in South Korea. So we would like to introduce to you some of the games that are either perfect for commutes like mine, will help you practice your Korean understanding or are, well, simply beautiful to look at!

Hopefully we can introduce you to new games once or twice a month. So keep an eye out on our videos and hit that subscribe button to make sure you never miss them!

MazM’s Jekyll and Hyde

Mr. Hyde interacting with other characters in the game. Source: MazM: Jekyll and Hyde

First to be reviewed is a point-and-click game with everyone’s favorite two-faced doctor, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Hear me out! I know we all know the story and it has been reproduced plenty of times in modern media but this one I would like to recommend especially to those amongst our readers who are learning Korean and have reached an advanced level (think TOPIK 3 or 4). Even if you’re not, you can easily switch to English on the main screen and just play, but for those who have been looking for an entertaining way to improve their reading comprehension skills, this game proves to be the perfect practice tool.


The tutorial is quick and easy to understand, as you just have to click at a point on the map and your character moves where you want them to go. Getting closer to a character or an item will produce either dialogue or information vital to solving the next puzzle.

But while it might seem like a simple game, the clues aren’t actually being handed out to you that easily, so your detective skills are also put to the test.

The ingame currency can be purchased or simply collected as in many games nowadays by watching ads. It might not seem too relevant at first, but as clues get harder to find, you can pay for tips to solve a puzzle. This currency is also used to pay for extra cases that will pop up in between the main storyline if you want to have a fuller experience of the game.


It also gets a huge thumbs up for the cute chibi characters and game design. As a player, you can see that there’s been a lot of dedication put into this project and the gloomy atmosphere of 19th century London is mixed perfectly with the typical cute Korean character design. The background music was also perfectly chosen to immerse the player in the world of MazM’s Jekyll and Hyde. It almost makes you feel as if you’re watching an anime — with you at the center!


Utterson investigating Mr. Hyde. Source: MazM: Jekyll and Hyde

The familiarity of the story helps you maneuver through the game even when you’re unsure of certain Korean vocabulary. And as it isn’t a fast paced game at all, you can even switch back and forth between a dictionary and the game if you’re not sure. You also have the option to revisit conversations in the menu, as they hold clues to advance in the game. So if you clicked too fast or want to reread the dialogue to understand it better, just go check it out. And just like children learn speaking by repeating words and actions, this game will help you do the same.

While the developer’s website and various comments say that MazM’s games are perfect for children to learn and practice reading, that probably applies more to their previous game ‘The Wizard of Oz’, which we could review in our next video, if that’s something you’d be interested in. Jekyll and Hyde is not necessarily just for kids — you have to pay attention to the details to know how to advance next, which really makes it a fun detective story in which you play the main role.

Final Thoughts

So for anyone who always liked point and click adventures, is into solving puzzles and likes the classic story of Jekyll and Hyde, check out this game and keep it in Korean to practice your skills! The developers seemingly put in a lot of effort into many little details that make this game a worthy new version of the Jekyll and Hyde tale.

And well, if you just want to enjoy the game though, no biggie. Go ahead and change the language, the localization is pretty decent and it’ll be plenty of fun regardless!

Latis TV

Bringing you all the Korean gaming news straight from its heart in Gangnam, Seoul.

Katy Maurer

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Latis TV

Latis TV

Bringing you all the Korean gaming news straight from its heart in Gangnam, Seoul.

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