I will be your cheerleader

So now there’s a Latterly 2.0. In my last post, I closed it with a little note saying we’d love to meet volunteers who want to help bring this project to life. I got a big response from friends, colleagues and strangers who like what Latterly is and want to donate some of their talent to. I want to go a little further.

First of all, we’re not funded yet. So I want to be clear that I can’t commission journalism just yet because we have $0. And even once we are funded, we’ll be using the money for very specific acts of journalism: say, a short documentary, a feature story, several smaller articles and a photo essay on a particular theme. When the time comes, I’ll be assigning those stories and soliciting pitches.

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In the meantime, we’re keeping our eyes open for reporting grants. And here’s my casting call: Is there a grant you want to apply for but aren’t sure what story to pitch or who would publish it? Is there a reporting project you really want to pursue but aren’t sure how to pay for it? Are you a videojournalist or photojournalist without a path to funding and distribution? Get in touch with me. If your ideas mesh with ours, I’ll help you look for grants and publishing partners, help draft your application and work with you from reporting to edits to publication.

Sometimes creative types need a cheerleader. As a freelancer, I’m very familiar with the feeling of working in a vacuum. If I can help, don’t hesitate to email me: hello@latterlymagazine.com.

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