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Trumpocalypse Now

If Gorsuch respects the constitution, that’s good enough for me

Trump named his Supreme Court nominee last night, and immediately the left was divided over what to do. The New York Times opinion pages summed up the two points of view with two editorials:

There are high stakes in this pick. Gorsuch will push the court to the right at a time when civil liberties will be tested as much as at any moment in American history. But the balance of powers will also be tested. And while violations of human rights and dignity can be regained with a new administration and a new Congress, the decay of checks on the executive will be more difficult to repair.

Besides, someone needs to put a stop to the cycle of vengeance between right and left. Yes, Republicans blocked Barack Obama’s legitimate and qualified court nominee. They are children, morally and intellectually. The Democrats don’t have to follow them. It may as well be the left that takes the high ground.

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