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Letter sent on Sep 13, 2016

Mumbai and Aleppo

“The only shelter is luck.”

In the past week we’ve taken on some of the darker aspects of two of the world’s great cities. One is crumbling quickly and literally under the force of its own government’s barrel bombs. The other is crumbling slowly and figuratively under the corruption of its leaders.

Reporting from Aleppo:

  • “It sounds like a jet approaching, and all of you, for a matter of instants, stare at one another, your words stifled in your mouths; but it’s only a gate that slides and shuts. A hatchet chopping firewood is a burst from a Kalashnikov; the step of a woman’s heel, a sniper shot. We look normal, in Aleppo. Fear is a cancer that wears us out only from within.” Read more.
  • “Let’s stop shaming Gary Johnson — and thank him for his humanitarian contribution.” Read more.

From from Mumbai:

  • “Crime lords who dominated Mumbai’s slums in the ’90s are dead or hiding. But there’s a new mafia now. And they wear suits.” Read more.
  • “How to meet a hitman in Mumbai.” Read more.
  • “Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to power on a promise to end corruption. Two years later, little has changed.” Read more.

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