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Letter sent on Aug 15, 2016

Our biggest story ever

Children protest their confinement at Nauru detention center. (© Amnesty International)

In journalism school they teach you how to be objective and to keep your opinions out of your stories. The year 2016 convinced me that’s not always what the world needs. Sure, many issues deserve an even hand when what’s right isn’t so clear. But impartiality on certain issues feels more like indifference, or worse. We have a voice and a platform at Latterly. I say let’s put it in the service of justice.

Here are a few things I believe: Promoting violence and bigotry in political rhetoric is dangerous. No one should have to be homeless in the richest country on earth. Innocent children should never be sent to prison.

On that note, this week I published the most-read story in Latterly’s two-year history, about Australia’s refugee detention center in the island nation of Nauru. Part II of the series focused on the policy and what we can do to change it.

Latterly will always be accurate and transparent. We’ll often be impartial. But sometimes, when it seems necessary to fight, we’ll fight. Based on the overwhelming response to my Nauru series, you’re with me.

My handlers tell me I need to mention that Latterly is something I work on for fun (i.e. funemployment). We have a small roster of journalists who donate their stories from time to time, but we’re doing this with virtually no resources. Two weeks ago we launched a membership program that gives members special access to stories, to the Latterly Slack channel and much more. With your help, we can make our human rights coverage even more robust.

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