Laughing At Narcs
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Laughing At Narcs

This Is Why I Laugh At Narcissistic People: Not To Tease, But To Heal

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“I find that if I did not laugh at the insanity that others try to thrust onto me, I would just cry. And my tears, once they started to flow……………WOULD……………..NOT………………STOP!” — Xavier

Note: I have written a book called “Empathic Warriors Survival Stories: Not Your Ordinary Empath.” If you are looking for inspiration and motivation to leave the…




Once you see the narcissists as the kidults they are, they no longer seem like monsters, but funny weak people.

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Maxwell Jordan

Maxwell Jordan

I refuse to allow the negative people in life to tear me down. I will not be defeated by life, life will be defeated by my will to be happy.

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