Leap of Faith

Six years ago, I finished the first draft of Mechalarum — 88,000 words during National Novel Writing Month. My response to this feat was “It sucks. But maybe someday I’ll make it better :p.” I didn’t really believe that. I’d long ago tossed aside the notion of having my name printed in a book as a silly fantasy.

Since then, I’ve run a successful Kickstarter; thrown hundreds of hours into rewrites; contracted an editor, printer, and cover artist; and self-published on Amazon. As an unexpected and lovely byproduct of this venture, I met and fell for Phillip. And now we’re on a fantastic new adventure in Seattle.

Sometimes we get so caught up in doubting that we’ll ever amount to anything that we forget our grand achievements that once looked like absolute impossibilities.

What we are today has little bearing on what we might be tomorrow. Everything can change in an instant. Step into old perspectives to bolster confidence during times of doubt. And always be open to the next leap of faith.