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Apr 4, 2018 · 3 min read
Core Curriculum + Capstone == Software Engineers

We’re very happy to announce a complete redesign of the Launch School public-facing website! This redesign has been years in the making and represents everything we know about teaching hundreds of programmers over half a decade. On top of that, we are, for the first time, able to share concrete salary numbers from our graduates. Because our program takes years to complete, we had to wait a while before we could publish the results. As most of you who have been following or are enrolled in Launch School already know, the results are astounding and skew far beyond the regression line for typical “coding bootcamps”. That’s not surprising considering that we aren’t a typical “coding bootcamp”.

Our Pedagogy and Mastery-based Learning

At the center of what we do at Launch School is our implementation of Mastery-based Learning. To more clearly convey this completely different way of learning, we wrote two articles: Our Pedagogy and Mastery-based Learning (note: we reprinted this article on Medium so it’s easy to share and comment on). If you’re new to Launch School, make sure to carefully read these two articles to understand what makes Launch School unique, and whether you can learn in a mastery-based system. Even if you’ve been at Launch School for a while, it might be nice to review the mastery-based perspective once in a while.

Results & Outcomes

Hopefully it’s not controversial to say that a training program that takes a few years to complete is more comprehensive than one that takes a few months. If your goal is a multi-decade career, then it’s pretty obvious that taking time to master fundamentals is worth it. But you no longer have to just trust us on that; the marketplace has proven this true as well. Our Capstone graduates’ average starting salary is over $110,000 and they get hired within 12 weeks of graduating, which again, is just way beyond any other training program. See the Results & Outcomes page for more details, including salary breakdown by city and testimonials from previous students.

For Employers

We put together a page just for employers because every time we spoke with employers, their eyes opened wide in astonishment when we started describing our pedagogy and approach to learning. Many employers we spoke with mentioned the proliferation of bootcamp graduates who seem to know the buzzwords but not the fundamentals, which is the complete opposite of what they’re looking for. It turns out that they really want people who took time to learn fundamentals. The For Employers page is a result of many conversations with employers and captures the Launch School difference.

Updated Pages

We also spent a lot of time updating the other For Students pages, so if you haven’t read those pages yet, please make time to do so. Though they are public-facing, we don’t view them as empty-promises marketing pages; we spend a lot of words explaining how we work so you have full information.

To see all the new pages, just head on over to If you’re logged in, look for the “Pages” link on the side navigation bar; you no longer have to log out to see those pages. We hope you like the new pages and please send any feedback or corrections (typos, grammatical errors, etc) to

Launch School

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