Deferred Payment Program Webinar Recording (Sept 3rd, 2020)

Chris Lee
Chris Lee
Sep 7, 2020 · 1 min read
Credit: Micheile Henderson (Unsplash)

When we set out to design the Launch School deferred payment program, we wanted to create the most student-centric deferred program in the world. No misleading statements, no predatory entrapment, and low-consequence switching cost.

The main ideas were:

  1. Lower the switching cost, so students can leave without major consequence.
  2. Highest salary-guarantee in the industry.
  3. Salary guarantee only considers base salary
  4. ISA only considers first-year base salary
  5. Shorten the ISA-bound duration to 12 months


Webinar Recording

The recording for this webinar is now available at:

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