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3 min readOct 2, 2023


Launch School Gather Town Space

We’re very excited to announce a new way to interact with the community at Launch School: in the “flatverse” using Gather Town. Within the Launch School Gather Town space, Launch School students can:

  • walk around and “run into” other students who are studying similar topics
  • hop in study pods or offices to collaborate with study groups
  • form your own study group
  • signal to your fellow Launch School students that you’re ready to collaborate by hanging out in a common space
  • use a pre-configured coding space to quickly start coding either by yourself or collaboratively
  • feel more connected and vibe with other Launch School students and staff
Launch School Gather Town Introduction

Life in the Flatverse using Gather Town

Let’s explore how Gather can transform your online learning experience:

  • Community Engagement and Social Interaction. Walk around and join collaboration pods and study offices.
  • Access to Tools: Gather allows you to seamlessly embed links to web-based software into objects within the virtual environment. Live code, watch videos, and other interactive objects within Gather Town allow for rich experience with others.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: The Launch School Gather Town space has dozens of pre-configured workstations already set up with Coderpad IDEs for either single-person or real-time collaboration. Just top by a pod and code!
Collaboratively coding pods
  • A Sense of Presence: Gather goes beyond traditional online classrooms. It creates a live environment where students interact directly, transcending geographical barriers. This genuine sense of presence connects learners, regardless of their physical locations.
Configure your avatar
  • Launch School group meeting space. We’ve built rooms for the Launch School Women’s Group and The SPOT study sessions, creating a home for the various student groups at Launch School.
The SPOT meeting spaces
Launch School Women’s group meeting space
  • And oh yea, we also created an office for Chris Lee, the founder of Launch School, to conduct office hours.
Chris’ Office Hours are held here

We really hope you’re as excited as we are about collaborating, coding, and studying together in our very own flatverse!

Getting Started

Instructions for logging in and detailed walk-through are at this document (free registration is required to access).


Special acknowledgement to Marcos Avila for first creating the Gather Town space and to JD Fortune for helping maintain the space. Over the last year, we’ve held The SPOT study sessions, group talks, office hours, and countless ad-hoc study group sessions in this space. It’s been a wonderful addition to the community and we’re now making it officially part of the Launch School experience.



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