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Launch School Podcast: S2E11

In this episode, Staacy and I held a Zoom Q & A. I was happily surprised by the wide-range of topics that we got to dive into. Questions ranged from knowing if you’re on track for Capstone, when and how to get a job, how your age affects a career in tech, how to know if Launch School is for you, and how the Deferred Payment Program works.

Whether you’re new to Launch School, been here for awhile, or trying to figure out if you should try it, I shared a lot about why we do what we do and how it works in the “real world.” I’m biased, but I have the numbers to back me up: mastery-based learning really works, and it works long-term.

Speaking of numbers, our conversation concluded with the 2020 Capstone base salaries. I’m constantly blown away by how well Launch School students do — both in their projects and in the jobs they land. In 2020, we saw an increase in base salaries despite doubling in size, remote jobs, and Covid.

You can either watch the recording in Youtube, or listen from your favorite podcast app by searching for “Launch School”, or listen directly from your browser.




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