Launch School Podcast S2E3 is Live!

Chris Lee
Chris Lee
Mar 10, 2020 · 1 min read

Sasha’s journey, which you’re about to hear, is one of the most unique stories at Launch School and for that reason she is one of my favorite graduates. It’s unique in that she came to Launch School in January of 2016 and finished Capstone in Jan 2019 — 3 years. She landed a job as a software engineer in SF making well above $100k. That outcome is quite typical for us in Capstone. But she had to overcome almost every obstacle you could imagine to get there. Like myself, she’s an immigrant. But unlike me, she came to the US by herself without any friends or family and had to work minimum wage retail jobs just to get settled in a foreign country. I get a lot of inquires around whether one can launch a career — and a great career, not just get your foot in the door — can that be possible if they have some weird condition — no college, no work exp, too old, young, etc.

It’s my sincere hope that listening to Sasha’s journey gives some inspiration and a blueprint for making that transition possible no matter the obstacle you have. That’s why her journey is unique, but also very universal. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

To listen, search for “Launch School” in your favorite podcast app, or listen from your browser here.

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