My Launch School Journey

I started Launch school about a month and a half ago. Before coming to Launch School, I have been through various courses such as Codeacademy, Udemy, and also Treehouse.

While these courses had some good content, I realized it takes more than good content to reach greatness as a developer.

When I first started, I would ask a lot of “How-to” questions in the chatroom and it was because we have the comfort-zone of having high quality teaching assisstants answer questions and one day Chris, one of our instuctors, noticed this habit and challenged me to start researching on my own and learn how to get unstuck on my own.

In about a month, the confidence in my programming abilities and ability to get unstuck on a problem has grown.

I went from struggling to build the artificial intelligence of Tic Tac Toe on my own to being able to build Black Jack by myself in a week.

If I hadn’t been able to struggle through my problems instead of seeking refuge in the chatroom, I wouldn’t have been able to do this.

I still have a lot of improvements before I can find my greatness as a programmer.

After The Rock became the highest paid actor, he said

“Greatness is never achieved alone. Surround yourself with hungry, brilliant individuals who not only buy into your philosophy, but who are all willing to work just as hard as you.”

I can say that there are a lot of motivated students in the program who have helped me progress and there is a high quality staff to help me get there.

There will be a lot of challenges and tribulations ahead, but I’m confident in my LS team that I exceed my career goals.