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My Study Habits

Juliette Siny
Jun 22, 2019 · 4 min read

Here I am, at the end of Launch School’s 101 course. Before moving on to the dreaded first assessment, I am asked to write a blog or journal to keep track of the things I’ve learned.

Alright then! Here is my first Medium post ever.

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I’ll erase code when you’re not looking

Before diving into my study habits, I’ll introduce myself a bit more. I’m currently working full time in a 1000 employees company (where I hold one of the top management position), and recently welcomed a very energetic kitten. Needless to say that time is scarce.

Before that, I graduated from college (in another field: Economics). I’ve always been pretty diligent, and I think this is largely due to my sense of organization. (Of course, it doesn’t hurt if you’re blessed with an excellent memory.)

So here are my study habits and general advice (that should be taken lightly, as I’ve only been studying on my own for ~3 months):

  • Be it 1 or 5 hours, study every single day. The idea is: always show up, even for a short period of time. Your brain will keep on working (analyzing problems, memorizing) while you’re busy doing something else.
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Can you spot my house move?
  • Create a perfect study environment. I’ve realised that I need silence (or soothing music) to be able to focus. I also need to be sure that I won’t be disturbed for the next hour or so. I think my brain refuses to put in the effort if it senses that someone or something might soon break its focus.

With all that, now is the time to go back to studying! See you further down the road.

*All photos by me

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