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Peer-led Seminars are Online!

Good news! If you missed one of the Peer-Led Seminars we’ve been running since early last year, you can now watch the video recordings! The new Peer-Led Seminar section is available through the Archives link in the navigation bar or menu.

The seminar recordings and resources are provided for your private use only. Please do not distribute them without our express permission. Furthermore, the seminars are provided without support.

As of right now, we have 5 seminars listed:

  • Security (CS253)
  • Linux Command Line
  • Introduction to C
  • Introduction to TypeScript
  • Introduction to Python

Other than being non-supported, the seminars are just like normal courses in that they require an active subscription and have their own pre-requisites.

Archived Courses

You’ll also see that we’ve moved the old “Advanced Electives” under the Archives link as well. The electives are now listed as Archived Courses. Nothing has changed here — they’ve just been moved to a place that makes more sense. The Archived Courses are provided as a reference for students wishing to explore these topics. They are unsupported by Launch School staff, so there are no assessments, no code reviews, and they will not be updated. That means they may eventually become outdated, so supplement them with more recent material if you take one of these courses.




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