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Podcast S2E10: Study Habits Conference by The Social Network

In this episode, I caught up with Liz, Jesse, and Katarina to chat about another peer-led community group at Launch School called “The Social Network”. We previously chatted with The SPOT community leads here on the podcast, but The Social Network differs in that its mission is geared towards social events and having fun.

Last month, The Social Network put on an amazing Conference on Study Habits. I have never heard of a conference on studying before, even though studiousness is the primary attribute for success in any learning endeavor. And that is certainly true for us at Launch School. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the conference; worst case, it’ll be a nice way for Launch School students to interact outside of the curriculum and assessments. However, the quality, participation, and reception of the presentations from that conference really surprised me. The talks were good — really good — and many participants said that the conference changed their approach to learning.

In this podcast episode, we talked about how The Social Network group came to be and what led to the conference and where we’re going next with this group.

All conference talk recordings are here:

You can listen from your favorite podcast app by searching for “Launch School”, or listen directly from your browser.



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