Podcast S2E9: Student Panel Discussion

Chris Lee
Chris Lee
Nov 19, 2020 · 1 min read

Welcome to another episode of the Launch School podcast. This is a slightly different episode in that it’s a recording of a webinar we did a few weeks ago about our Deferred Payment Program. Now why would we include a webinar in the podcast? Well, the reason is because this webinar is actually a panel of Launch School students and the conversation is mostly about their journey through Launch School, so I thought it’d be suitable for the podcast.

The student panel includes:

  • Derick Gross, Capstone alum, Software Engineer at Ridgeline
  • Catherine Emond, Capstone alum, Software Engineer at Shopify
  • Graham Robertson, current Core and DPP participant

You can listen from your favorite podcast app by searching for “Launch School”, or listen directly from your browser.

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