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Podcast S3E4: John and Adam Isom — Skipping College, CS Degree vs Launch School, and Making Six Figures Together

In this episode, siblings John and Adam Isom come chat about their journeys working together through Launch School. Adam had completed a different coding bootcamp and was in the midst of completing his CS degree when he switched to focus on Launch School. John walked away from a college scholarship to study CS to do Launch School. Why did they do that? How did it work out? Give this episode a listen to find out!

In this conversation, we chatted about:

  • Attending college vs getting a job straight out of high school
  • A CS degree vs Launch School
  • Working and studying with your brother
  • The importance of a “default environment”
  • The SPOT community at Launch School
  • The awkwardness of a six-figure job hunt straight out of high school

You can listen from your favorite podcast app by searching for “Launch School”, or listen directly from your browser.



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