Recap 2020

Chris Lee
Chris Lee
Jan 1 · 2 min read

This has been a weird year, to say the least. I’m happy it’s finally over, but also proud of the work we accomplished this year. While looking over my notes for the year, there was just too much to mention everything. I decided to focus on just a few areas for this recap.

I didn’t mention all the wonderful student articles, Tech Talks, Capstone presentations, and a myriad of other activities that occurred. For those, check out the Events and Videos sections after logging into

Ok, here’s what I wanted to highlight for 2020 in review.


We launched several big initiatives this year that will have a continued impact to Launch School years down the line.

  1. JavaScript Core Curriculum Track
  2. Deferred Payment Program
  3. Peer-led Seminars

These were free seminars for Launch School students to help build awareness in subject areas that we don’t explicitly cover in our Core Curriculum.

  • Web Security (10 sessions across 3 months)
  • Linux Command Line (6 sessions across 2 months)
  • C Programming (9 sessions across 3 months)

Giving Back

In a year that kept taking, I’m proud of our ability to give back when we could. At the core, Launch School isn’t a set of videos or courses, but a community of people.


This is the most underrated and biggest hidden secret at Launch School — our amazing community. It’s what keeps me coming back day after day, year after year.

I wanted to specifically mention two podcast episodes where we talked about community at Launch School.

Interesting Articles

I’m showing my bias here by only featuring articles I wrote. If you’re looking for other perspectives from our students, check out the Launch School Medium publication.

Interesting Discussions

These are discussions in our internal forums. Login is required to view (free registration).

What’s Next

We’re not slowing down! We have so many great events and initiatives planned for 2021. For example, during the first week of January, our community created a free full-week conference on study habits, for students by students.

Who puts on an entire conference about studying? Our community does. By the way, the conference is free for all, so whether you’re a current Launch School student or not, feel free to join in!

Happy new year!

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