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Thankful and a Podcast Episode of Gratitude

Hard to believe it’s Thanksgiving again. In Year 2 of the Covid Era, time seems to pass and compress in surprising ways. This forces me to reflect a little on all the time — 9 years! — that I’ve spent so far in the programming education industry. To run a successful business for nearly a decade, there are a lot of people to be thankful towards.


To our long-term staff, most of whom have been with me for over 5 years, thank you. You trusted me when there was no historical track record, but you took a leap of faith and helped build the foundation for the Launch School that we see today.

To our wonderful student TAs, thank you for being so generous, caring, and willing to help others. You make running Launch School an absolute pleasure.

To our community leaders — the SPOT, Women’s Group, Social Network, podcast admins, senior buddies, etc — thank you for contributing to arguably the most important thing about Launch School: our outstanding community.

And finally, to our students, thank you for being here, for trusting Launch School, for trusting me personally, and for caring about learning deeply.

Podcast Episode of Gratitude

In this Thanksgiving episode, Mandy talks to students who have been at Launch School for over a year. These students share what they are grateful for and how the community has helped them throughout their journey at Launch School.

Special thanks to the stories shared by the wonderful students: Alfonso Gonzalez, Felicia Bacon, Charles Hartman, Anne Tiotuico, Natalie Thompson, Rona Hsu, and Austin Miller.

You can listen from your favorite podcast app by searching for “Launch School”, or listen directly from your browser.



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