Things I’ve done to support my Launch School habit

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Having recently passed Launch School’s Object Oriented Programming course, I’m pausing to reflect on some of the things I have admittedly done in pursuit of mastery.

In no particular order, I have…

  • Dumped out clean laundry onto the spare bed — where I abandoned it indefinitely — just to make room in the basket for more clean laundry. This cycle repeated more times than I care to admit.
  • Ate frozen pizzas for dinner more times than I care to admit, because that’s all the cooking I could manage in the hours between work and studying.
  • Forgot to kiss my toddler goodnight while I worked through small problems exercises.
  • Missed my toddler’s bedtime entirely when I attended study sessions for courses 109 or 129. I’ve attended more study sessions than I care to admit.
  • Stole time from the edges of the day, getting up early and staying up late. This required drinking more coffee than I care to admit.
  • Rejected social invitations from friends and neighbors.
  • Pretended to be listening to people as they were talking to me while I mentally recited characteristics of various Ruby collection methods.
  • Lurked in the shadows of the Launch School Slack rooms, just hoping to absorb some knowledge, while I should have been (insert anything here) instead.
  • Forced my husband to listen to me practice explaining Object Oriented Programming topics with detailed examples — ad nauseam.
  • Solicited strangers to practice live coding with me… and felt the warm wash of shame and embarrassment as I choked my way through solving a problem.

And it’s all been worth it. Not just for the high of acing assessments, but for the quiet reward of seeing knowledge and skills slowly emerge over time. The time that I spend coding and studying for Launch School does not feel like a sacrifice at all, it’s just what I do now.