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Video Series: The Lifecycle of an HTTP Message

The Internet is a complex system. It’s impossible to capture even a small proportion of the aspects of network communication in one video. Nevertheless, I set a goal to create a 30-minute [two-part] video serving as a holistic overview of an entire HTTP request-response cycle: starting with a client formatting the request and ending with the client processing the response. For me, visual models reign superior for learning and understanding networking concepts. After all, underneath all the protocols and complexity lie actual physical messages being sent across physical systems. For this reason, I was compelled to create my own visual representation of a request-response cycle, in video form.

In particular, this two-part series of videos emphasizes:

If you’re interested, check out the two-part series here:

The scope of these videos is extensive, so they may contain minor inaccuracies or generalizations. I plan to use this article to collect any errata spotted in the videos by either myself or viewers.



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