The Reason Why Everyone Love ScaleUP USA’s Digital Business Growth Accelerator.

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Reston, Virginia, September 2017: We conceptualized the ScaleUP USA’s Digital Business Accelerator Program in mid-2016. It took us over a year to vision, strategize, plan, and launch the digital platform. We finally launched the first program for this accelerator concept a month back. Already it has over 1,000 participants and many business partners. We believe this is a model for future social entrepreneurship and we welcome partnerships with global governments, non-profits, and businesses. More on this later.

Imagine the Future.

Imagine the world where every common person has access to affordable, just-in-time, on-demand, entrepreneurship and business growth education, training, and collaboration programs. Where every college student can become an expert entrepreneur and create a successful startup, consulting or advisory company. Every small business and not just privileged technology start-ups from Silicon Valley can enroll in premium, ongoing, affordable business acceleration programs right from their business or home. Where laid off workers do not need to stand in unemployment lines but can confidently create successful companies based on their experience and employ others. Where every American small business can capitalize not only on opportunities in the USA but collaborate successfully with other global businesses to create possibilities everywhere. This is the vision of ScaleUP USA, the nation’s first digital growth accelerator — a social enterprise.

What is the Difference?

I have been part of the advisory groups for traditional business accelerator models in both USA and India. They have a role in the start-up ecosystem. However, their business model is significantly different than ScaleUP USA’s and it is important to understand what this difference is and why.

First, they invest in early stage companies and in return for equity. We don’t. In this regard, we are non-diluting business partners for growth. Not every business is seeking or can secure external investments. We cater to such businesses, however, many of our specialized programs like the Federal Business Growth Accelerator is equally relevant to the angel or VC funded businesses.

Second, typical business accelerators are focused on technology startups. We, on the other hand, also work with entrepreneurs, micro, small, and mid-size traditional businesses with a goal to help them grow their business especially with larger enterprises like government and Fortune 500 businesses. We have a special program to enable them to expand their business development and sales capacity through what we call organic selling with our partner, media giant NBC.

Third, typical business accelerators target early stage companies and have short duration, in-house cohorts for education and training. Our program is broader, helping our portfolio companies through the entire lifecycle of growth all the way from the foundation of the company to mid-size businesses. In this regard, our program is longer term, on-demand, anytime, anywhere, and available digitally on computers, desktops, laptops and smart phones.

ScaleUP USA Digital Growth Accelerator Introduction

Just-in-Time Learning Academy.

The ScaleUP USA’s Just-in-Time Learning Academy service delivers on-demand business growth focused, practical, learning electronically. Which means it can be deployed in America and globally via the internet. Our business participants can deliver or undertake these short, targeted programs at any time on any device including smartphones. The service is high value and low cost. The learning can be measured via short tests and quizzes. Plus, the targeted, need-based programs can and are being developed rapidly as per client needs.

ScaleUP USA’s Just-in-Time Learning Academy service is always seeking expert global business partners to jointly develop collaborative programs for delivery through ScaleUP USA’s learning platform to startups, small, mid-size, and large businesses around the world. Potential topics include business nurturing, growth, acceleration, new approaches, best practices, innovations, transformations, collaborations, guides, as well as tips and tricks mainly around business growth. The primary focus of this program is focused learning of our clients and therefore we have flexibility in evaluating varied business proposals for partnership. Talk to us about your great ideas! Together, we can make this world a better place.

Growth Acceleration Centers.

The Growth Acceleration Centers service brings in the physical component to the all-digital ScaleUP USA services. ScaleUP USA is partnering with local organizations like governments, economic development, entrepreneurship centers, accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, university clubs, and associations in the startup, small, and midsize business ecosystems who have the local presence, understanding, network, trust, reach, and connections and who can utilize the ScaleUP USA’s electronic platform for delivering high quality business growth acceleration programming to its clients. Video conferencing based events, online presentations, online networking, and virtual trade missions will commence amongst such local partners as they are signed on. If you are such an organization, talk to us today. We can provide the electronic programming and you can provide the local space and network to jointly create local Growth Acceleration Centers.

Together, we can create jobs, companies, and competitiveness and make this world a better place.

Building Capacity and Capability.

ScaleUP USA helps build capacity and capability amongst local, regional, national, and international businesses by enabling just-in-time learning and business to business collaborations. Small, medium or large organizations’ can participate in this program by a) joining the Learning Academy or its individual programs, b) actively engaging in business collaboration or teaming opportunities, and c) qualified economic development organizations, industry associations, companies, and technology parks can partner with the Growth Acceleration Center to help it grow. ScaleUP USA’s job is to do the heavy lifting to actively grow this program electronically, so users can find the quality US and global ideas, expertise, technologies, methods, models, processes, innovations, transformations, best practices, suppliers, customers, partners, advisors, and investors.

Companies, Jobs and Competitiveness.

The best way to measure the impact of working with ScaleUP USA is what we at ScaleUP USA call is the CJC factor and the impact on your community including economic success. CJC stands for Companies, Jobs, and Competitiveness. Specifically:

· Companies: New companies created, grown or saved from closure

· Jobs: New jobs created, grown or saved from retrenchment

· Competitiveness: Increased revenues, increased profits or decreased losses

ScaleUP USA, therefore, encourages individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, businesses, and non-profits interested in growing their local community opportunities to partner with ScaleUP USA and by working with their local economic development organizations, entrepreneurship centers, small business accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, and university clubs to promote, join, and grow joint programs.

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About the Author:

Nitin Pradhan is the former award-winning CIO of the US Department of Transportation, a first term Obama Appointee and the Managing Director of the Center for Innovative Technology. He is the current CEO of Launch Dream and leads their ScaleUP USA — Digital Business Growth Accelerator initiative and is also the Managing Partner of GOVonomy, an innovation as a service for governments and government contractors. He is also a Mentor at Mach 37, the nation’s top Cyber Accelerator, Z-nation Labs (Indian Business Accelerator), and on the External Advisory Board of Accenture. Business and Government leaders can connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter.