Launchgarage Mentor Highlight: Jun Lozada

Bing-Rong Hsieh
Oct 27, 2019 · 2 min read
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Jun is the founder and currently the CEO of Galileo Software Services, a mobile software company that develops technology that will help with the safety of the people. Galileo’s flagship product, Abizo, is a safety and communications app for individuals, families, and organizations. Abizo is the de-facto platform for most of the leading brands in emergency and service assistance industry such as Lifeline 16911 Ambulance provider, Automobile Association of the Philippines, AXA Assistance, and PAMIOFW-Assist America. Users of Abizo include DepEd and DOH for Dengvaxia monitoring and other private sector clients who are serious about the safety of their community.

Jun’s long career as an Electronics and Communications Engineer in the ICT industry started along the same time with the advent of the 3rd industrial revolution in the 80s. He’s witnessed the birth and growth of early PCs, Data communications, Mobile, Telephony, IP Networks, Broadband infra, and the Internet. This gives Jun a unique vantage position, particularly in determining the future opportunities and challenges ICT poses to enterprises and institutions alike. A position that he is now taking advantage of in revolutionizing Digital Transformation to become faster and affordable.

His public career in Government was mainly involved in socio-economic programs. Ranging from developing a social, economic and environmental program for communities living in publicly owned forest lands to planning the National Broadband Network for the Philippines.

He has garnered numerous awards in recognition of his professional and exemplary public contributions. Jun was among the 11 awardees of the Most Outstanding Manilans of 2009. Along with notable figures like former President Cory Aquino, Jaime Zobel de Ayala, George Ty, Henry Sy Sr., Manny Villar, Marixi Prieto, Mike Enriquez, Gabby & Gina Lopez. He was also a recipient as one of the top 100 alumni of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Santo Tomas.

Find Jun on LinkedIn.

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