Launchgarage Mentor Highlight: Patrick Palacios

Bing-Rong Hsieh
Nov 3, 2019 · 2 min read

Patrick Palacios

Patrick Palacios founded Appsolutely in 2013 after seeing the huge growth potential for e-commerce in the Southeast Asian region. The company is largely known for creating LoyalCoin, a blockchain-based customer loyalty rewards point and the first cryptocurrency to focus on Loyalty and Rewards Programs. LoyalCoin is available across establishments such as 7-eleven, Gong Cha, and Grab in the Philippines. The company has also developed LoyalWallet, a global customer loyalty app that enables loyalty points earning, redemption, and conversion involving a worldwide coalition of merchants, brands, companies, and service providers.

Appsolutely also has a wide array of services, their expertise includes building customized solutions for blockchain development, customer rewards, e-commerce, digital marketing, websites, and mobile apps. On their long client list are international and local corporations such as Bon Chon, Petron, Bench, The Bistro Group, Starbucks, Toby’s Sports, and FamilyMart.

Prior to establishing Appsolutely, Patrick had a two-decade run as a tech entrepreneur and executive. He founded digital business ventures Ilios Resources and Helius Tech and directed strategies for tech and telecommunication conglomerates such as Digital Telecommunication Philippines, Nortel Networks Ltd, and Lucent Technologies.

Patrick is also a renowned expert on cryptocurrency. He’s been interviewed by CNBC and BusinessWorld on television on his thoughts on cryptocurrency and on the development of LoyalCoin. He’s also spoken at international events such as the Blockchain For Business 2018 and the World Crypto Economic Forum.

Find Patrick on Linkedin.

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Launchgarage was built on a philosophy of innovation from the grassroots and the spirit of open collaboration.

Bing-Rong Hsieh

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Launchgarage | National Tsing Hua University


Launchgarage was built on a philosophy of innovation from the grassroots and the spirit of open collaboration.

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