MatchMove Powers Xpensio to Empower Businesses With Hassle-Free Customisation For Expense Management

Russ M
Russ M
Aug 13 · 3 min read

MatchMove, one of the world’s fastest-growing and leading fintech companies, today announced that it has partnered with Xpensio, a promising expense management startup, to provide smart expense management solutions for businesses in the region. With the new solution powered by MatchMove’s proprietary Banking Wallet OSTM, paying and managing company expenses, team budgets and staff claims will never be easier. While many expense management and payment options exist today, they provide little customisation and control, and are often hindered by lengthy approvals, card issuance and month end statements in the typical scenario when corporate credit cards are used to pay for company expenses.

Xpensio gives companies full customisation and control of the payment management system that fit their business needs. Managers can predetermine rules and automate approval processes and other processes such as payment card creation, setting spending authority and limit, as well as channelling funds disbursements, all on a single platform.

xpensio allows teams to define custom budgets, set approval flows for purchase requests and track purchases from order to payment. It is also capable of capturing and automatically matching invoices with the expense categories.

For employees, they will receive individual physical and/or virtual payment cards, stipulated for different card uses and limits to eliminate unauthorised expenditure and overspending. These cards can be used at almost any acceptance point in the world where major cards are accepted. xpensio platform also relieves staff of the tedious paperwork from submitting and tracking claims; staff can use their mobile phones to capture the receipts and the app will automatically match them with the category of expenditure.

Bookkeeping becomes a breezy task with xpensio. In addition to smart matching capabilities of invoices and receipts to payment categories, companies can have full control and real-time visibility to the overview and track company spending anytime, instead of having to wait for month-end statements and reports.

Vanessa Liwanag, CEO of xpensio said: “Using MatchMove’s proprietary payment solutions has significantly set our product above the rest. We are truly impressed by their ability to issue instant virtual payment cards that are accepted globally. Our partnership with MatchMove enables quick-to-market solutions for any companies who want amazingly simple and effective expense management solutions to eliminate petty cash, expense reports, and reimbursements and so forth.”

Shailesh Naik, Founder & CEO of MatchMove, said, “We are proud of the development of xpensio which combines MatchMove and xpensio’s advanced user-centric technologies built for businesses and people around the world. The world will soon witness a turnaround in the way businesses and their managers and staff deal with dreadful papers and counterproductive checking of budgets and expenses.”

About Xpensio

Born out of personal frustrations experienced by its own employees in their previous respective fields, the xpensio system was meticulously developed to answer the question that’s commonly thought of but never asked in any organization: What if there’s a simple, faster, even environment-friendly way to file expense reports? Because really, there is, and it’s up for free trial anytime over at

About MatchMove

MatchMove is one of the world’s fastest growing and most disruptive fintech companies in digital payments and next-generation banking.

MatchMove’s proprietary Banking Wallet OSTM enables ‘Banking As A Service’ and the capabilities of Spend, Send, LendTM within any app. The platform empowers businesses and their customers to Spend both online and offline easily and safely, via instantly issued prepaid cards on major card networks. Its Send capabilities include P2P domestic transfers, cross-border remittances, P2M and mass disbursements to global recipients. MatchMove platform further extends to Lend, where credit scores are assigned based on customers’ spending and sending patterns to offer customised lending solutions.

Envisioning a financially inclusive world as it wages war on cash, MatchMove’s solutions help enterprise clients digitise payments and give the financially underserved segments the empowerment to move their money anytime and anywhere.

MatchMove is licensed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore and authorised by leading card networks to issue virtual and physical cards directly to users in approved jurisdictions, or anywhere else in the world with partner banks.

The company has been recognised with international awards for being a promising and an innovative organisation, as well as for being a preferred employer.

MatchMove is headquartered in Singapore with offices in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and The Philippines.

For more information, please visit


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Russ M

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Launchgarage was built on a philosophy of innovation from the grassroots and the spirit of open collaboration.

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