The Launchgarage Supercollider

At Launchgarage, we believe that true success is achieved through open collaboration. Through the spirit of collaboration, we regularly conduct numerous programs and community events to advocate this. Launchgarage is the premier innovation hub in the Philippines. More than just providing a venue for collaboration we also provide startup acceleration thru deal flow sessions, programs, mentorship, and network reach.

With over 30 startups under the portfolio, we are constantly creating value that will further drive both impact and traction of these startups as these said startups are currently advancing in different verticals that focus on technology. Some of the verticals that they are thriving are namely: Mobility, HealthTech, Logistics, Fintech, DeepTech, Big Data Analytics and more.

Now you may be asking, how do we help accelerate startups? The Launchgarage Supercollider is one channel that helps the acceleration of the startup. But what is it, actually? A Supercollider is where great things meet and collide. These are deal-flow sessions where we match our startups with suitable investors and strategic partners with the aim of raising investment, collaborating, and acquiring clients.

One example of a supercollider would be our partnership with DOST-PCIEERD wherein we presented their startups to our network of investors and strategic partners which resulted in an exploratory meeting of a possible collaboration between both parties.

Supercollider in partnership with DOST-PCIEERD and MAIN (Manila Angel Investor Network)

One of the main problems that founders encounter is finding the right investors and strategic partners for their startups. With the help of these sessions, we manage to bridge the gap between founders and investors. It’s not just a matter of connecting investors to startups but also a matter of introducing the right investor to the right startup. That’s why in Launchgarage, we just don’t funnel any investors to our startups. We connect the right people to each other to build synergy. We branded our deal-flow sessions as such because when we match the right startup to the right investor, something phenomenal will happen, just like a supercollider.

A Supercollider conducted with one of our corporate partners Global Dominion Financing Incorporated

The Impacts of Supercolliders

To date, we’ve conducted more than 30 Supercolliders for our startups. Through the numerous Supercolliders we’ve conducted, we have created both investment opportunities and strategic partnership for the startups. More than just monetary resources and partnerships, each startup is also able to get insights and advice from different investors and partners from various industries. Furthermore, It’s also great practice for our startups as they get to refine their pitches for other audiences as well.

Here are some of the notable results of the Launchgarage Supercollider program throughout the year:

Social Light Inc Raised $500,000 in Funding

Contract signing of the partnership between SocialLight Inc and Cerebro Labs

Social Light Inc, one of the leaders in providing technology-based solutions for businesses welcomed Cerebro Labs to their board as they gained a $500,000 raise as a result of the Launchgarage Supercollider Program. The solutions that Social Light Inc. provide are namely Zion Wifi which is a consumer database collection platform through wifi, Zion Send, a personalized & automated SMS and Email sending platform and, the company’s web systems development outsourcing arm. Social Light Inc. plans to continue to bring innovative technology solutions for businesses around the region.

You can check out Social Light Inc. here

Magpie Closed $500,000 Investment

Contract signing of the partnership Magpie and Cerebro Labs

Magpie, and end-to-end payment solutions company with a variety of products, closed a $500,000 deal with Cerebro Labs as well. Magpie has different services that bring ease with payment methods. They have products such as PayTerminal, a software which facilitates transactions without the need for the merchant to touch the card, Billy, an invoice payment gateway and MarketPlace, which allows anyone to create an online store within minutes.

You can check out Magpie here

Micab Closed $115,000 Deal with AsiaLink Finance Corporation

Micab, a Transport Network Company ride-hailing app that focuses more on bringing growth for public transportation units, closed a $115,000 deal with AsiaLink Finance Corporation to fulfill their long-term vision which is to decongest traffic within the metro. AsiaLink Finance Corporation will also assist Micab by helping them with operations with the use of their resources within their network

You can check out Micab here

What’s in it for the Investors?

As for the investors, they have the opportunity to invest in startups that have been properly matched and vetted out by the Launchgarage team. Investors can participate in a supercollider that may be either vertical specific or stage-specific. Moreover, Launchgarage helps facilitate follow up meetings aimed towards closing deals.

Dennis Ng of Mober pitching to a diverse set of investors

What’s Next?

Moving forward, we will regularly conduct our Supercolliders every 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month. We aspire to continue to bring value for our startups as well as different investors within the region. As a result, we want to invite investors and VCs to take a peek on what our startups can offer. More than just an investment, we believe that the insights shared by investors and industry experts will bring great value to the direction and growth of startups.

Feel free to reach out to us for opportunities, events, and supercolliders moving forward. Follow our social media channels and/or send us an email thru 🚀