App Screenshot Translation: Localize your iOS and Android captions for free

Tim Jones
Tim Jones
Mar 25 · 3 min read

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of translating app screenshot captions, you’ll know that it’s a tedious & expensive process.

With multiple devices to design for and over 80 languages to localize for between iOS and Android, app screenshots can quickly spiral out of control.

If you’re just starting out, here is a rough calculation on how many screenshot templates you will need to export:

As a mobile marketer and designer, I know that caption translation is the largest culprit when it comes to time consumption.

Many of us smaller shops can’t afford to pay 20+ translators to localize our captions, so Google Translate is the next best thing.

My Google Translate workflow was as follows:

Multiply the number of taglines you have by languages supported 😨

This process needed automation. That’s why I created a free Screenshot Translation Google Sheet that automatically translates your English captions for all major iOS and Android supported languages.

Using the sheet is simple: enter your EN caption and Google Translate will automatically translate it for every language listed below.

To get the sheet, just go to:

File > Make a copy…

and save it to your Google Drive.

Get the Translation Google Sheet.

Here are a few tips to get you started making great screenshots:

Keep your captions short and sweet

Make your caption font large and stick between 1–2 lines so that they are easy to read. This will also help when localizing, as many languages have increased character counts when compared to English (I’m looking at you, 🇩🇪).

Highlight your core value props and features

Users should know exactly what your app does within the first 3 screenshots. Be concise in the value provided and how it differs from the competition.

Emphasize the User Interface

If you want to bring attention to a core feature or value, popping out the user interface will help bring focus.

Interconnected Screenshots Perform

Having devices and assets carry over from screenshot to screenshot helps create a visual flow. This small visual design gimmick will help set you apart from the competition & will increase your conversion rate, which in-turn helps keyword rankings.

Need help designing and localizing your screenshots?

I started LaunchMatic to help App Makers, Marketers and Designers build beautiful screenshot templates for every language at scale.

Our screenshot templates are created by an ASO Expert and UI/UX Designer, utilizing many ASO practices that help boost organic and paid conversions.

Get a free screenshot consultation for your app by emailing me at with the subject “Free Consultation” and a link to your iOS/Android app!

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Tim Jones

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LaunchMatic Blog

ASO tricks, app screenshot best practices, and company updates for

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