How To Deliver the Perfect Pitch?

Have you ever got up in front of a crowd of people and tried to convince them to try something new? Did you wonder if they understood what you were trying to communicate? What was the outcome of the presentation? Did it leave you feeling uneasy about your message?

These are real feelings that most of us go through when trying to persuade groups of individuals to “buy” into our ideas, programs or products. If you want to “pitch” perfect and capture the heart of your audience, feel free to utilize the following tips from LaunchNET.

Let’s get started!

What is a pitch? It is a presentation (30–90 seconds) that is persuasive and tells a story. It is a short summary that defines a product or service, organization or event. It includes a value proposition of how to solve a problem in society. All individuals, start-ups, or companies should have a well-executed plan when pitching.

There is a suggested flow to the pitch:

  1. State the problem that you are trying to solve
  2. Your solution or new idea to extinguish this problem
  3. The ideal target market
  4. Your competition in the region or country
  5. Who is on your team
  6. A financial summary of what you have accomplished
  7. Your milestones to date

So, what skills do I need to acquire to gain a potential investors attention?

Writing skills to express your message, creativity to hook your audience, ability to analyze the target market, and most importantly the confidence to deliver your message and believe in the outcome.

When are pitches most often used?

Career fairs, interviews, resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn, personal websites, networking events, students organizations and of course, LaunchNET’s signature event: The Kent State Elevator Pitch Competition.

In summary, here are some final tips to “pitching” perfect:

  • know your audience
  • clearly explain the problem
  • hook your listeners
  • be concise and clear
  • tell a story
  • smile and have fun!