Distribution, Not Only Posting, Is What Matters

Turn your passion into a fast-growing business, in days!

Distribution, Not Only Posting, Is What Matters

Long before starting my journey at LaunchPad Marketing, I worked as a social media manager for brands, from big to small, spending my time creating content, designing visuals, writing copies, and posting them.

I remember spending a whole week trying to perfect that one post on social media at a startup, trying to find the best hashtags to put under my images, hoping more people would reach out. We were filling up the feed, so “when a customer arrives” we’ll have some content on our page.

Months passed… something was missing… “the customers” never arrived.

After months of publishing content on Facebook & Instagram, we were struggling to get more customers and we were far behind our competitors. Going with that speed, it would have taken us years (or even a decade!) to gain a good number of loyal customers using our pages. However, after a few months, the passion & energy we had at first was already fading away…

You probably hear this: “businesses won’t stick around long enough to see their second year”. As time goes on, it becomes harder and harder to have a voice on social media, a voice that people hear and respond to.

So what should we do? Here’s when Facebook ads enter the game.

1. Reach out to the right people at the right time — win customers faster & easier

Let’s say you’re running a local business, selling handmade Harry Potter-themed clothes for young women in Sydney. How would you get new customers? Posting pictures of your products with 30 hashtags, tagging 10 accounts, and the location might help. However, there’s no surefire way to reach out to your ideal customers at the right time, when they’re most likely to purchase, engage on your content, or book an appointment with you. Just posting on social media is like throwing a paper airplane in misty weather, you’ll never know what you’re pointing at and where your airplane ends up.

With the correct detailed targeting set up on Facebook ads, you can find your ideal customers online and reach out to them at the right time, making it easier and faster to turn your passion into a real business.

2. Start from $1, scale as you grow

Often when talking about advertising, we think of Super Bowl ads: million-dollar budgets, fancy studios, as well as huge marketing and design teams. But for the most part, that’s not the case. Over the past decade, social media democratized the advertising landscape, making it affordable for every business to reach their target audience online.

In the beginning, it only takes $1 per day to start to get your very first customers. Speaking from experience, you can spend as little as a cup of coffee every day to reach thousands of people in a month, helping you to reach out to those who have yet to know your brand. With the right messaging and copy, you can make sure your ads get results without breaking the bank.

3. Less on waiting for things to happen, more on making things happen

Most of the time business owners only focus on posting quality content, providing great products, or offering outstanding services, but they forget one small detail that happens to be crucial for business survival: distribution.

Only posting does not drive growth. Don’t wait months for the customer to arrive after publishing that post or wait years for word-of-mouth, turn your passion into a full-time business today by running ads on social media. The moment your campaign activates, it delivers results, helping you to hit your goals — faster and easier.

4. Stay ahead of the competition

“People don’t buy the best product, they buy the product from brands they are most familiar with.” This is what I see repeatedly when working with clients. Having the best product or offering the highest quality services doesn’t necessarily equal success. Lack of trust often is one of the major reasons businesses fail. So how Facebook ads can help you?

On the Facebook advertising platform, there’s an objective called “Brand Awareness”, meaning you create a campaign to educate as many people as possible about your brand. An ongoing campaign, encouraging people to like your page, check out the website, or watch your videos. So when people are ready to buy Harry Potter-themed clothes for their just-graduated daughter next week, your brand will be at the top of their minds.

5. Easy to set up and succeed, can be done in minutes!

Well… that’s not true. Yes, everyone can hit the boost button on Facebook or Instagram and spend their money on ads nobody clicks or sees (read: qualified customers). You might get some results, but they’re not significant nor sustainable over time.

Running cost-efficient ads that get sales requires setting up detailed targeting, creating multiple variations of your ads, and an ongoing optimization effort to keep the result high and the cost down. So, you either need a marketing & design team or start learning marketing yourself. But that’s not why you started your business. You wanted to spend more on what you’re passionate about, not on marketing!

Fortunately, there’s a solution.

Launch-Pad.Marketing is a platform that lets you run ads like big brands and scale-ups without having a marketing and design department. With LaunchPad Marketing it only takes a few minutes to launch your campaign on Facebook & Instagram. Once you enter some information about your business, LaunchPad Marketing will take care of everything else. From setting up the campaign, creating unlimited variations of images and videos for your ads, and optimizing them on a 24/7 basis, making sure your ads convert without wasting a dime.

LaunchPad Marketing consists of a team of experienced Facebook advertisers, outstanding financial experts, and top-notch software engineers, who devoted their lives to making social media advertising accessible and helping you to grow your business on autopilot. Check out Launch-Pad.Marketing to learn more.



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