Facebook Ads: Is It Really Worth It?

Nowadays creating an ad is just a few clicks away and launching campaigns is possible on almost any budget. But is it worth getting it for your business?

Facebook Ads: Is It Really Worth It?

Before social media, advertising was a luxury for the vast majority of businesses. An unreachable star that only a handful of corporations could afford to have.

Advertising was expensive, not measurable, and quite a demanding task. But today, thanks to social media, every business can set up a profile for free and start running ads on the biggest online platforms for as little as 1 dollar per day.

You don’t need to have a million-dollar budget or special connections to run your ads on a huge network. In the 21st century, creating and promoting your business online is just a few clicks away.

Even though the advertising option is available on nearly any major social media platform, it does not mean it’s now easier than before to capture people’s attention and generate sales. Technology has dramatically changed our world, but the human mind stays the same, in fact, it has been the same for thousands of years.

As more businesses enter the social media advertising space, the competition grows and you need to be more creative to win the customers.

So are Facebook ads really worth it?

“Organic reach is dying”. If you’ve recently been reading about marketing there’s a high chance that you’ve heard this phrase.

Although some believe there are still a lot of opportunities on the organic channels, in reality, it has nearly become impossible to reach beyond your current following community by just putting content out there. Especially if you just started your business, you have little to no chance of your number of followers growing on social media and getting customers online.

On the other hand, in today’s digital age consumers spend the majority of their time on social media. Per the latest data, around 70% of users are on social media platforms (like Facebook and Instagram) before purchasing products.

That’s why more businesses every day are trying to “break into” social media advertising, particularly Facebook ads.

This, however, raises the question, why there are so many startups and local businesses failing to reach out to their ideal customers and generate sales online? Does this mean getting Facebook ads isn’t worth it for businesses?

Well… no. Facebook ads can play a major role in business growth if done correctly.

Facebook ads stop working for many because they’re focusing on just “creating” ads, not running them, or in other words, they overlook the execution part of advertising. It’s like planting a flower in your garden without watering and taking care of it.

When you boost your post or hit the publish button on your campaign and forget about “optimization”, you cannot unlock the full potential of Facebook ads and as a result, you’ll not get the most out of your campaign’s budget. The point is: that Facebook as a for-profit company is more than happy to spend your money, but the question is whether you can get the results you want or not.

So what is this optimization thingy?

Optimization is a set of daily/weekly tasks that in the first step set your ad campaign for long-term success and will also make sure your ads constantly deliver good quality results without breaking the bank.

So it means before launching your campaign, you’ll explore all the targeting options to find the best match for your business, create a diverse set of creative assets, and build a structure that will help you to later scale your campaign.

After publishing the campaign and gathering enough data (around 48–72 hours based on the campaign’s budget), you can start with changing the creative assets, A/B testing with different targeting options, placement, and other items to find the combination with the highest performance. This would be a daily/weekly task that will help you get the results you want for a reasonable cost per result.

Using the optimization method you can turn “unsatisfactory & expensive” campaigns into “cost-efficient & successful” ads, however many business owners and founders don’t have the time, energy, or the budget for doing that.

The growth dilemma

Optimization requires a huge amount of time and, furthermore, you need to hire a marketer or ad expert, at least on a part-time basis, to help you keep your ad campaign profitable. So, as a founder of a newly established business with a limited time and budget, you cannot enter the game and will eventually lose all your customers to competitors.

“But this is unfair, it shouldn’t look like that”

This is what we said when we founded LaunchPad Marketing, an ad automation tool that takes care of the optimization part of your ad campaigns.

Using LaunchPad Marketing is like hiring an experienced Facebook ad expert full-time! So you can spend less time on marketing and advertising and more time on things you are most passionate about — building great products and providing excellent services.

Get an early bird offer and be among the first to try out LaunchPad Marketing by filling out this form.



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